Crafted from natural materials and acoustically designed with unique Airsound™ technology, our products redefine your audio experience every day.

An active, standalone speaker that delivers a full and compelling stereo image — exactly as the artist intended — to each listener wherever they are in the room. You hear music perfectly, regardless of positioning — and there is no need for a second speaker in order to enjoy authentic and accurate stereo sound.



Founded by Ted Fletcher in 2009, Orbitsound, a family-run British business, was created as a means to share Airsound™ technology outside of the recording studio via quality, crafted audio products. By balancing true spatial sound from a single speaker enclosure, Airsound™ removes the need for multiple speakers, to create clean and complete audio heard from anywhere in the room.


Studio quality compact speaker with Airsound technology. With multiroom WiFi, wireless charging and USB-C fast charging, the DOCK E30 is a powerhouse of technology that looks, feels and sounds superb.



  • - Bass beyond its size
  • The DOCK features patented “Halo” bass technology. Halo utilises 3 loudspeakers and 3 custom designed passive radiators in unison and balance to create a hugely satisfying bass that is superbly powerful and sonically pure.
  • - One speaker for all devices
  • The unique docking groove makes the DOCK E30 an essential part of daily life. Its calculated design mean almost any device can slide effortlessly into the groove.

Others Colours: Bamboo         




  • - A thunderstorm of bass
  • The next-generation wireless subwoofer for endless versatility and dramatically deeper bass. Compatible only with the DOCK E30.
  • Take your sound to the next level with this formidable addition to your Orbitsound speaker. This powerful subwoofer will enrich and deepen the bass of your system, creating an impeccably rich and satisfying audio experience.
  • - Bass you can feel
  • Subtle in appearance and striking in sound, the wireless SUB S4 is designed to blend into any environment. The SUB takes care of the lowest frequencies, leaving the DOCK E30 to take care of the mid and high range frequencies.


On show or out of sight

The SUB S4 can suit all spaces, put it on display or tuck it away. Whichever you choose, your audio is unhindered.

Intelligent. Easy.

Smart learning means that you only ever have to pair once. Turn the SUB off and your speaker will react by increasing its bass to compensate. Switch the SUB S4 back on and it'll automatically connect again.

Room rumbling bass

The SUB S4 effortlessly takes over the lowest frequencies, increasing the overall output of your speaker system. The result? An unbelievably big sound from such a small unit.